About Us

We set out to create a better, local pharmacy.

  • Modern or Alternative

    We’re a full-service pharmacy that believes in the benefits of both modern medicine and natural & organic therapies. As you browse through the store, look for the Alternative Therapy indicators.

  • Unique Products

    We carry a selection of unique, everyone-should-experience products not found at the big box retailers. And each has a great story.

  • Transparency

    We’re creating transparency in how products are sold. We want you to know more about the products you consume, the people behind them and where they came from. It’s your right as a shopper.

  • Eliminating Choice Overload

    Why sort through multiple variations of the same product to try and figure out your best choice. It’s time consuming and frustrating. Instead, ThornCherry is doing the research for you and providing the best products in each category.

  • Truly Local

    A portion of the pharmacy is be dedicated to products that the local community votes on. ThornCherry will share a unique product with a story behind it and you get to guide the pharmacy on products you want to see us carry. It’s a refreshing take on retailing.

  • Accessible

    Pharmacists are one of the most reachable healthcare professionals today and ThornCherry wants to be the first line of defense for your health and wellness. We offer Medication Therapy Management, Immunizations and Medication Synchronization and more. Plus enjoy FREE information on health care without needing to make an appointment.

  • 4 Drive-Thru Bays

    Everyone with a busy schedule and families with small children, will appreciate ThornCherry’s four drive-up bays. Yes four! We’ll get you on your way quickly.

  • Home Delivery

    Remembering the better days of small independent pharmacies, ThornCherry offers a very personalized home delivery service for prescription medications.